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Whole Foods Market | Brooklyn Third & 3rd

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Services: Environmental Design, Graphic Design

Built on a former Superfund site on the polluted Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn’s first Whole Foods Market was ten years in the making. The resulting store is both environmentally transformative and aesthetically true to its Brooklyn locale. In addition to being a sustainably built, energy efficient, pioneer of a grocery store with a rooftop greenhouse, Third and 3rd captures Brooklyn’s creative renaissance and ethos of reclaimed, vintage, do-it-yourself, and hand-crafted products.

Gowanus’ manufacturing history is still evident today; former factories and ghosted signs share stories of the past. These historic fragments prompted the use of industrial materials in design elements, hardware and signage throughout the store, as well as vintage-inspired typography. We also brought natural elements into the space with hand drawn illustrations of the unique flora of the Gowanus. These illustrations were used as patterns on exterior window graphics and interior wallpaper.

In response to the open, “market hall” like architecture of the interior, we chose to treat each department as an independent venue, replete with unique graphics, typography and materials.

We designed custom graphics including the popular store logo, which Whole Foods has applied to uniforms, merchandise, printed collateral, and even temporary tattoos! We were also tasked with incorporating the logo in our design of the large exterior sign that stands, beacon-like, at the entrance to the parking area.

Check out this awesome Whole Foods Market produced video of the Brooklyn store!