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Whole Foods Market | Camelback

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Services: Environmental Design, Furniture Design, Graphic Design

Though incorporated in 1881, Phoenix has experienced much of its growth in the last few decades, and has a young, optimistic spirit. Originally settled by adventuresome pioneers, its vibrant culture today retains a sense of grit and independence. We have drawn inspiration for decor and furniture design from the local creative community, whose “desert modern” transformation of previously empty historic homes, industrial buildings, and former banks into vibrant restaurants and retail shops has brightened neighborhoods. As with these endeavors, we have used a raw palette of materials (such as concrete, rusted steel, and raw metals) that mimics the minimal starkness of the harsh desert landscape, and used extrusion, routing, and layering to modulate light and view. We have then warmed these materials with geometric patterns, bright earthy colors, and playful typography inspired by the mid-century modern architecture of the surrounding neighborhoods. The innovative use of these materials feels at home in Phoenix, where the pioneer spirit still burns brightly.