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Whole Foods Market | Oracle

Location: Tucson, AZ

Services: Environmental Design, Graphic Design

Located in a beautiful desert setting, and home to human populations for well over four thousand years, Tucson, AZ is perceived as a center of cosmic energy. Today, a New Age movement thrives in this modern metropolis. Spas, retreats, philosophy centers, even the annual Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, all contribute to the city’s appeal. The design for this Whole Foods Market store was inspired by elements of the city’s New Age movement, as well as by the stark beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Our patterns are derived from indigenous plant geometry, gem stone crystalline structures, Native American wall paintings, constellation diagrams, heat waves, and traditional Indian henna tattoos. Materials and colors respond to the rugged dessert landscape: woods and metals are sun-bleached, oxidized, and worn; iridescent paints shimmer; colors seamlessly morph from one to another. Together, these elements speak to the flow of energy of the landscape and its people.