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New Leaf Community Markets | Pleasanton

Location: Pleasanton, CA

Services: Environmental Design, Graphic Design

Located to the east of the San Francisco Bay, Pleasanton, CA was first settled some 4,300 years ago by native populations; by the time of Spanish colonization in 1769, the Pleasanton valley was home to multiple native villages. Crop and dairy farming continue to be key activities in the area. This store’s design was inspired by both the natural and historic attributes of the valley. It includes: an outsize graphic representation of a dragonfly wing, developed to focus on the importance of insects, the natural pollinators integral to local organic farming; a geometric abstract pattern referencing the indigenous Ohlone basket weaving heritage native to the area; and the undulating shapes of the surrounding rolling hills and meadows, as well as that of the water in the bay itself. The Bloom department’s pattern is derived from a local tree that shades the store’s own parking lot – every spring, customers will see the Bloom pattern come alive just beyond the doors.