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Whole Foods Market | Post Oak Lifestyle Boutique

Location: Houston, TX

Services: Environmental Design, Furniture Design

This is Whole Foods Market’s first boutique shop within a store, developed to focus on the lifestyle product selection available through their Whole Body department. Merchandising flexibility was of utmost importance for this prototype, and so we designed a custom-built modular system that includes moveable wall sections, shelving, boxes, cases, and apparel displays, all of which suspend from hanging brackets attached to two single fixed walls. The various pieces can be used interchangeably to display everything from shoes and shirts to scarves and jewelry. The few more stationary pieces in the boutique are crafted using locally sourced antique found objects: a pair of 1920s saddle horses function as table bases for a large glass display table; wooden children’s booster seats have been salvaged and repainted in bright colors; and an antique pie safe has been repurposed as the boutique’s single POS stand, leaping into the 21st century to now house a WiFi router and an iPad.