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Whole Foods Market | Savannah

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Services: Environmental Design, Graphic Design

Savannah is a charming and elegant city, steeped in southern history and overlaid with an atmosphere at once romantic and mysterious. In designing this store, we drew inspiration from many of the physical aspects of the city itself. We participated in sourcing trips to find reclaimed and salvaged architectural elements to incorporate into the environmental decor, and reinterpreted those in both graphics and signage detailing.  The lush wetlands environment inspired the organic illustration style used in a number of wall treatments, and the famed Low Country hospitality influenced the overall atmosphere of the space, exhibiting a comfortable elegance that is inviting and inclusive.

Working on this project allowed us to meet and spend time with many wonderful people who graciously shared their stories of the city. We can’t help but feel that this generous and welcoming spirit found its way into our approach and ultimately the design.