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Whole Foods Market | Upper East Side

Location: Manhattan, NY

Services: Environmental Design, Graphic Design

Manhattan’s Upper East Side is rich with cultural and historic institutions, many of whose stately buildings were originally private mansions. From the Met to the Guggenheim, these museums bring a mix of classic and modern influences to the neighborhood, one of the most affluent in the world. Our design challenge was to create an upscale space that stayed true to the down-to-earth and approachable nature of Whole Foods Market. We chose to reflect the clean simplicity of area museums and galleries by using a palette of bright neutrals. The store’s footprint is both compact and complex, carving space out of an existing building, and easy navigation was critical. We focused on wayfinding as a design opportunity: a family of icons, airy patterns, and highly legible, large-scale typography are all used as graphic elements throughout the store. The resulting store feels high-end and posh but not opulent, with the warm soul of Whole Foods Market. You stay classy, Upper East Side.